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Book Review Pack Law: The Awakening by Marie Stephens

Pack Law: The Awakening - Marie Stephens

This is told in the first person but it’s from Zane’s point of view.  I also have a warning for you:  Be careful as you read because Zane may know just what you’re thinking – shame on you!


Zane is the beta to the alpha from book one.  If you haven’t read book one yet, this is a good reason to so that you know what he’s like.  Tristan has asked him to bring order to the Appalachian Pack.  He also needs to work with Tristan’s sister Elaina.  But he’s keeping a personal secret from her.  They are a couple that is very sexual – once demons have been dealt with.


Marie has written a very fascinating shifter tale and it’s totally different from her first book.  The problem I had with this book was that I didn’t want to put it down.  There was a personal fight going on – watch one of my favorite shows or read this book.  Well, Marie’s book won the fight – thank goodness for repeats.


I think it was a great idea to make this book from the male’s point of view.  Most of the first person books I read are always from the female perspective – it just seemed to make it a little more real.  There’s also some violence but don’t forget that this is part of being in a wolf pack.  And the sex – there’s a lot and yes it is hot but it doesn’t take away from the rest of the story.  You will also want to think about what type of music you want to listen to.  Zane happens to like heavy metal – me, not so much so if I were to read this again I would choose some Queen.


I also wondered about the type of research that Marie might have done to get all the BDSM scenes sounding so real.  Did she talk with someone who lives the scene?  Did she use her great imagination or lots of research?  Then it made me wonder what comes next for our wolf pack.  So if you’re a shifter fan, go ahead and give this series a try.