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10 Alphas and I’m In Love

Tall, Dark and Alpha Boxed Set: (10 Sexy Romances Featuring Hot Alpha Heroes and the Women They Love) - 'Delaney Diamond',  'Eve Langlais',  'Eve Vaughn',  'Farrah Rochon',  'Afton Locke',  'Dawn Montgomery',  'Koko Brown',  'Randi Alexander',  'Paige Tyler',  'Sam Cheever'

I was gifted a copy of this book from one of the authors in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way.


There were a few stories that I was disappointed that they didn’t come with sound or even smell-a-vision.  None of these authors held anything back – the stories were hot and what can I add about the sex (just watch out for wandering eyes).  No two stories were alike except the alphas (and all that testosterone) – they know what they want and will always get it in the end.  And I liked the fact that the women were smart.  At times it felt like a lot of research must have been done in order to get the story just right.  And at other times the imagination that it took to create something that doesn’t exist. 


This is a set of books that you can quickly get sucked into.  You will find it very hard to put down – you could try to limit yourself to one book, or maybe even two, a day but good luck with that.  These are not books that you even want to attempt to speed read.  I found that I just sat back and read very carefully because I didn’t want to miss a word.  And I was in awe at the amount of creativity that was included from the front cover to the back.


I got to read more of some authors that I have enjoyed before and then I read a few that I never even knew were out there.  This is one great thing about a boxed set; you get a lot of stories for a great price, and dream that you are walking in the female character’s shoes.  It’s one that I can see myself reading over and over again.  Plus now that I’ve read them in order, maybe I can mix things up and read them in a different order.